Blasting Pots 101

Selecting the proper system is essential in obtaining the ultimate production. The machines found within these pages are production type systems, not "homeowner" or occasional use machines. Please allow us the opportunity to select a system that is correct for your application. Prior to contacting us, some helpful suggested information will assist us in selection of a unit:

1. Available compressed air (c.f.m. or horse power) to dedicate to the blast system (if air is available).
2. Type of media to be utilized (if media type is confirmed)
3. Items to be blasted, I.E. size, rusted, new steel, etc...
General knowledge of your application prior to contacting us is extremely helpful in selection of a unit. Please contact us at (570) 286-4138

How much sand can my Blast Machine hold?

The capacity of a Sandblast Pot varies by size. A 6 cubic foot Blast Machine will hold 600 pounds of sand. Another example would be a 1.5 cubic foot Sandblaster will hold 150 pounds of sand.