Air Compressors 101

Electric air compressors are ideal for plant air applications, where the compressor is stationary and will not be moved. Blast cleaning is one of many obvious applications for required compressed air. Selection of the proper compressor is essential for a productive blast system. NOTE: Most electric air compressors above 20 h.p. require 3 phase electric, this is NOT 220 volt single phase current, 3 phase is industrial/commercial electric. To utilize a 3 phase compressor with 220 volt single phase requires a phase converter, available through our company or others.

Some experienced with blast equipment will be able to identify the proper machine for their application. However, should this equipment seem somewhat confusing to negotiate, or you are an admitted novice, please do not hesitate to contact our facility for suggestions, questions, or additional information. Selecting the proper system is essential in obtaining the ultimate production. The machines found within these pages are production type systems, not "homeowner" or occasional use machines. Please allow us the opprotunity to select a system that is correct for your application. Prior to contacting us, some helpful suggested information will assist us in selection of a unit:

1. Air required for your application: c.f.m. & p.s.i.
2. Available electric: 3 phase, 208, 230 or 480 volt available
3. Additional items utilized with compressor: I.E. grinders, machines, etc....and their consumption (if applicable)
General knowledge of your application prior to contacting us is extremely helpful in selection of a unit. Please contact us at (570) 286-4138.

Should I purchase an Electric or a Portable Air Compressor?

If you are purchasing an Air Compressor that you intend to leave in one location, and if you will have access to a power source, then an Electric Air Compressor will be the best for your needs. If the sandblasting that you will need to do will take place in multiple locations, or if you do not have a proper power source, then you will need a Portable Air Compressor.